Eniva Introduces Vibe 2 A Powerful Vitamin and Mineral Formula

Some of the issues in getting your daily vitamin and minerals need is eating enough of the right fruits and vegetables in the right doses. There is an easier way to get your vitamin and mineral needs filled without having to worry about it. Just drink an ounce of Eniva Vibe 2 everyday. Vibe 2 health beverageVibe is the best that I have ever seen before. It uses plant based nutrients in it formulation. It has the highest anti-oxidant reading I have ever seen coming in around 100,000 on the ORAC scale. These anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins are essential for optimal health. It also uses a micro particle size which enables the nutrients to get into the bloodstream without digestion and aids them in penetrating the cell walls. It is powerful, give it a try and see how you feel.

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    We have added the Vibe 2 1 oz packets to the page. Many people have been requesting this.

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