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hCG Weight Loss Drops

Lose a pound a day with the hCG Diet Protocol plan. Continue reading

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Solo Slim Advanced Weight Loss Pills

Solo Slim Advanced is now shipping. Continue reading

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Kevin Trudeau Natural Cures TV Offer – 2 Free books, just pay shipping

Natural Cures TV Offer – 2 Free books, just pay shipping Get both of Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures books: Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About and More Natural Cures Revealed, for FREE (just pay S&H)! Natural Cures™ … Continue reading

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Extra TV to Air Story on Britney Spears Using Power Pops “Magic on a Stick” for Weight Loss

Millions will be watching the hit television show, “EXTRA” and learning about the Power Pops “magic on a stick” that is working for America’s girl, Britney Spears, and thousands of other consumers worldwide. TONIGHT, 22 million viewers will have the opportunity to listen to company owner and Power-Pop inventor, Michael Wenniger, share his “brainchild” with an audience that is ready to hear his message. Continue reading

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Do you Get Enough Vitamin D – Helps the Body Absorb Calcium

This was reported in the HealthDay News today. “Vitamin D is essential in helping the body absorb calcium. It also helps keep a healthy balance of phosphorous and calcium in the blood. Here are foods that are good sources of … Continue reading

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Robert Barefoot is Back on TV with Donald Barrett Introducing Solarcal-D

Breaking News! Just a few hours ago at the ITV Ventures™ Event in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Founder and CEO, Donald Barrett unveiled our newest and hottest product…SOLARCAL-D™! All event attendees received a complimentary bottle from Barrett and saw clips from … Continue reading

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Gano Excel Introduces New Retail Sales Website

Gano Excel now has a new look for their retail website available to affiliates in Gano Excel. The new design showcases the fine healthy coffee product much better than before and makes it easier for your customers to place order. … Continue reading

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Introducing Advanced Formula Almighty Cleanse

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2007 New and Improved Almighty Cleanse® now includes WILDCRAFTED ingredients! We’ve enhanced the familiar cleansing and detoxifying benefits of the 7-day Almighty Cleanse®. Now, the formulation includes wildcrafted ingredients – better for you and the environment. What … Continue reading

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New Study Shows Daily Calcium Does Protect Bones

As reported by HealthDay News, a study finds that calcium reduces fracture rate for those over 50. I recommend taking Coral Calcium or Baratric Advantage Calcium Citrate as a calcium supplement. In people older than 50, calcium supplementation cut the … Continue reading

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Bariatric Vitamins, Calcium Citrate, B-12 Sublingual and Iron Designed for Bariatric Patients

A new brand of vitamins is now available designed especially for Gastric Bypass and Bariatric bypass patients. Bartiatric patients have special needs for proper vitamins because they no longer get the maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals into their bodies … Continue reading

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