Eat Candy and Lose Weight? Hoodia Power Pops

People trying the hoodia power popsNeed to lose a few more pounds? The Power Pops segment aired on the Extra TV show last summer has drove tons of interest to this new weight loss fad. You can actually loss weight by licking on these hoodia based lollipops. It was stated that the bushman in South Africa for thousands of years would go on long hunting trips for food. So what did they do to controil thier hunger? They sucked on the Hoodia cactus plant, this would elimante their hunger pains so they could consitrate on thier hunting quest.

So the best way to take hoodia may be to do what the bushman do, suck on it with these convenient lollipops that come in 9 different flavors. So tho reduce your hunger cravings between meals, why not give these hoodia Power Pops a try. It think it will help you.

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  1. Administrator Says:

    It appears that Extra TV has aired another segment on Power Pops last weekend, Jan 6th through the 7th, 2007. This did create a large amount of orders for Power Pops. These are surly the latest craze in Hollywood.

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